Why would someone talk to you alone or in public, but not at school?

Princess asks: okay so this boy has had the biggest crush on me for about a year and he is honestly so sweet, like i’ve never heard anything bad about him… literally ever. and we text a lot and if we go to parties or something we hang out like the whole time but for some reason he won’t talk to me at school. but i don’t see why school is any different because neither of us drink at parties so like it’s the same thing. and i think i like him because we text all the time and he’s so nice and genuine but i can’t get over that he doesn’t talk to me, we just don’t talk enough and i’ve told him this and he says yes we should talk more but he doesn’t do anything about it and i think he’s just scared but it gets really frustrating and idk if i should end it and stop talking to him because i keep telling myself it’s might get better and it still hasn’t .

Hi Princess –


This is an odd case – I’m used to talking to girls about boys who are too shy to talk with them, but this boy is perfectly fine talking with you via text or at parties.


My thought is to confront him with it. Just tell him (maybe in a text) that you’re going to stop talking with him at parties or in texts, until he talks with you at school. Or till he explains why he doesn’t want to.


And if there is a reason – maybe, for example, he knows there’s another girl at school who has a crush on him and he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings by talking with you in front of her – then it’s only fair he tell you, so you can figure out how best to deal with it.


Clearly he likes you, and likes talking with you. So putting him on the spot and telling him he has to decide should accomplish something.


And I hope it’s something good!





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