How to meet a stranger you’re attracted to

messier asks: During the past several months, during my morning jog, I’ve exchanged smiles and hellos with an attractive young woman as she stands at her bus stop. I know she lives two blocks down from my street, but I do not know her name, address, or phone number. Also I do not know anybody we have in common in the neighborhood I could ask about her. I wish she could see me in dress clothes instead of morning jogging clothes! Can you think of any other ways I could “coincidentally” bump into her? Approach strategies?!

Hi messier –

Ooh, what a fun question!  Do you know the old song “Bus Stop” by the Hollies?  Might be worth a listen, since it’s kind of what you’re describing (except there aren’t any jogging clothes in the song!).

Now of course I don’t know your neighborhood, so I don’t know exactly what’s there.  But just from what you’ve told me, I do have two ideas.  The first is, one day, to have (or pretend to have) a reason to get onto that bus – in some great-looking clothes!  Maybe you’re just going shopping early, or maybe you’re going to a special meeting.  And maybe you’re making up something completely, and all you’re going to do is ride the bus as far as she does, then stay on it for one more stop, and then get off, cross the street, and take the next bus home!  This is great (and if you two should hit it off, and later she finds out what you did, she will think it’s the most romantic thing she ever heard!).

My second thought is that, if she is always on the bus at the same time in the morning, that probably means she’s heading off to school or a job.  If it’s the latter, you might want to show up about eight-and-a-half hours later, and see what happens.  Does she take the bus home after work?  If so, then she’ll probably show up around then.  Again, you’d need some excuse for “coincidentally” being at that bus stop, but that is why you have a great big human brain, much bigger than mine!  Whatever excuse you come up with, though, she’ll likely be pretty tickled to find you there, so it probably doesn’t have to be all that good!

Oh, and one other thing.  If she’s smiling at you every morning, it probably means she likes the way you look in your jogging clothes just fine.  Sure, show up wearing something nicer, but also know – you’re already winning!

Here’s the best of luck to you!  Please let me know how it goes!  This is a great great story already!!!



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India - June 9, 2015 Reply

Just ask for her number.

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