What to do if a guy threatens to fake nude pictures of you online

Lily the kitten asks: I started talking to this boy on the hot or not app and added him on snap chat. I snapped him my face and nothing else. He keeps asking for nudes. He has a screenshot of my face and says if I don’t send nudes of me he is going to put pictures of naked girls next to my face on Facebook and say they are me. I don’t know what to do!

Hi Lily the kitten –

This is a great question. We worry a lot about what creeps might do on the Internet, and here’s a great example of what can happen.

I have one question for you first: Do you know him on Facebook? Does he know your Facebook name, or have either of you friended the other? I have two answers for you, and one is if you don’t have any Facebook connection, while the other is if you do.

But in either case, there’s one very important issue here. This guy is a creep. He is harassing you in ways that are awful and (depending on your age and where you live) possibly illegal. Whatever happens, you want to cut him out of your life.

Okay, so first, if you have no connection on Facebook… Facebook doesn’t allow people to post pornographic pictures. So if he tries to post something that has frontal nudity, it’s going to be taken down anyway. The worst he could do would be to put your face on a body that’s turned away, just showing the back, or something that shows a woman’s shoulders and belly or something. In other words, you don’t have to worry that pictures that would look like pornographic shots of you are going to show up there. So my suggestion would be to simply stop talking with him. Block him from your accounts on hot or not and snapchat. He might go ahead and do something with your face, but he won’t have any reason to. He might as well pick some girl at his school, or his sister, or a total stranger – if he knows he won’t get any reaction out of you, he’s likely to lose all interest in this.

Second, if he is someone you know on Facebook, then keep him in that status. If he posts something bad of you, you can report it to Facebook, you can write a comment under it about it being a fake and him being pathetic, or you could post something onto his timeline saying exactly what he did, for all his friends to see. No one is going to be very impressed with him doing such a crummy thing to a girl who was nice enough to chat with him online. Once you’ve done that, he’s most likely going to unfriend you, and leave you alone for the rest of your life.


But again, I want to emphasize, this guy is a pathetic jerk. Most likely, he’s only threatening this, in hopes you’ll send him a naked picture of yourself. He thinks it’ll make him powerful. So the sooner he’s out of your life, the better. Don’t fight him, don’t argue the case, just stop talking with him.


Sometimes people write me letters on here about mean people in their lives, and the hair stands up on my back and I snarl and I want to run at those meanies and tear them up.


This guy isn’t like that. I just want to lift my leg on him and walk away. I suggest you do the same, except without the peeing!


All my best,





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