Should one lie to get a job?

jjlove asks: I am 13 and I want to apply for Avon, though they say I have to be 18. I am a very responsible person, and very good at selling. I have a meeting with an Avon lady, and I lied about my age (I look 21, but told her I was 18). I want to be honest and explain, but that would mean I wouldn’t get the job. What should I do?

Hi jjlove –


I don’t know the details about Avon, but I’m going to guess that, if they insist on your being eighteen, they’re going to insist on some sort of checkup on you; maybe a drivers license or passport or birth certificate?  If I’m right, you won’t make it through the application process, so it won’t even matter that you lied; you’ll just be found out.

But if I’m wrong, if you find that they actually would hire you – I still think the truth will come out at some point.  So I would strongly suggest you tell the truth.

And here’s the funny part – when you do, you’re going to blow their minds!  They’re going to say “Wow, you’re so mature!  You totally had us believing you!  You’re such a great salesperson!!”

And they just might have some suggestions for you, of other companies that actually do hire teenagers to do sales.  Hey, they might even be willing to recommend you to those other companies.

And then, you can build your skills up even more, by working for them.

And then, when you turn eighteen, WOW will Avon love you!


Anyway, that’s my thought on it.  Another idea is that you could just stick with what you’re doing and see how far you get with it – just for the fun of it!


Best of luck,




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