What are some ways for young people to make money?

Arjai asks: The school I switched to is awful: the teachers barely speak English and they don’t teach us (all they do is give us the answers and make us copy off the board). There is no proper air conditioning, although we live in the desert. The kids are awfully-behaved and the classrooms are overcrowded. We had thought it was a good school but it’s awful. I know my mom will let me go back to my old school if I can up with at least 3000 dollars, so my question is: is there anyway I can make money fast?! I can’t mow lawns because there is no grass. I can’t babysit because no parent in their right mind would leave me with their kids. I’m thinking maybe something online. Selling stuff is not the safest thing for a girl living in my country, so could you please give me some options for making money fast?

Hi Arjai –


It looks to me as if you’ve already read my earlier answer about ways for young people to make money.  I’m sorry that none of those solutions sound like they’ll work (though I do have to question why you say “no parent in their right mind would leave me with their kids!”  Are you frightening?  Or maybe just young?).


My best thought is that all of those other suggestions were about how to make money from people who didn’t know you all that well.  It doesn’t take a lot of knowledge about someone to let them mow your lawn, or buy a magazine subscription from them.  And even with babysitting or pet-sitting, as long as you have a basic trust in the person, you’re willing to give them a chance.


But what about looking for work in a different way?  What if you asked your parents to give you a list of ten or twenty friends of theirs who you could contact?  You could reach out to each of them, and explain that you’re eager to make some money quickly, and wonder if they have any jobs you could do.  Maybe someone needs their garage cleaned.  Maybe someone needs a room painted.  Maybe someone could use some help going through old paperwork.  Maybe someone has an ailing relative who would love to have your charming company on afternoons.


I can’t begin to suggest what all the possibilities are – it’s all about them as individuals, and what they need.  But most adults have too little time for all the things they need to get done, and might be thrilled to have a cheerful eager young person around to help them out.


Now one note – three thousand dollars is a lot of money!  And as you say, you want this money fast.  So once you have a good relationship going with someone (meaning they’re liking having you around, helping them out), you might consider asking them to loan you some of the money ahead of time, just so you can do that school change sooner, and then work with them afterward to pay off the loan.


But overall, your attitude is great, and I agree – that school sounds just dreadful!  The one great thing about it will be how much you appreciate all other schools you attend in the future.  It’s like me – no matter what a rotten time I’m having with Handsome, all I ever have to do is remember the pound he found me in, and I’m suddenly in a way better mood!


Good Luck!



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