Why are some conversations boring?

iriss asks: what is the most boring conversation for you ?

Hi iriss –


Like most dogs, I really like attention.  I love it when people come over to our house and I run up to them and they’re all excited and pet me and kiss me and throw balls for me and tell Handsome how beautiful I am.


And then, once they’ve done that for a few minutes… they stop.  They get talking about work or sports or movies, and they get glasses of tasty drinks, and they walk around, and forget all about me.
Then they get something to eat, and I go up and ask them if I can have some, and sometimes one of them gives me a treat, but mostly they all just ignore me and Handsome says I need to go sit away from them so they can eat in peace.


And then they talk for the next four hours!


So what’s the most boring conversation?  ALL OF THAT!  All the part when I’m not getting any attention, and they’re talking about stuff that doesn’t include me.


And I think that’s pretty true for everyone.  The most boring conversation is one that not only isn’t interesting to you, but seems to actively exclude you, so you feel a little insulted by it.  Traditionally, lots of married couples complain about this – husbands complain when their wives talk about fashion and gossip, while wives complain when their husbands talk about sports and tools.  (Although of course, I know lots of cases where it goes the exact opposite way – women talking sports and men talking clothes, etc!)


So my general answer to you would be that the most boring conversation is one that is uninteresting to a degree that your feelings are a little hurt.


Which, to this pup, means one that doesn’t include petting, feeding, or playing with me!





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