How to stop thinking about someone who’s great

Cookie Vidal asks: I just got back from camp and I can’t stop thinking about this super cute guy that I met there! How do I stop thinking about him?

Hi Cookie Vidal –


Why would you want to stop thinking about him?  If he’s that great, enjoy it!  Do you need to concentrate more?  If so, I can send you some suggestions for that.  Or do you have a boyfriend who might get jealous from you thinking about another boy this much?  Maybe I can help with that.


But in the meantime — I smelled some barbecued ribs yesterday, and am still thinking about how great they smelled, and I hope I still am tomorrow!  Handsome’s a bit annoyed that I’m drooling on everything, but other than that, having that “object of desire” in my brain is GREAT!






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