How to grow and take care of long hair

lovedino123lady asks: I am 13 years old, and have wavy curly hair. Can you give me advice on taking care of it?I am reaching for waist length. I would like to know how to grow it super long and fast.

Hi lovedino123lady –

Wow, we are so opposite!  I have straight hair that only grows to about an inch and a half (3 cms) at most.  So this is something I know almost nothing about!

I found what seem to be some good websites with information about caring for curly hair:


These all look pretty good to me.  But I’m sure there’s a lot more out there.

As far as growing your hair faster, I think the main advice is to eat a good diet with lots of protein, and try to avoid too much stress.  But here are some other suggestions:


In the meantime, though, the main thing I’d say is to ENJOY THAT HAIR you’ve got!  So many humans go to great (and expensive) lengths to try to get hair like that, and you got it just by being born you!  Flaunt it the way I do my gorgeous nose!



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