How to keep a mouse alive

Idontreallylikepie asks: I have a pet snake and feed him two mice a week. One day he ate the first mouse but not the second one. I put the mouse in my snake’s old tank and have leftover mouse food from when I had a hamster. I now have a mouse but have no idea how to care for it until my snake eats it. Please help! I know you always have the answer.

Hi Idontreallylikepie –

Thanks, but I don’t always have the answer; I just always try!

If I’m understanding right, what you’re really asking is how to keep a mouse alive for a week.  I imagine that shouldn’t be a lot of trouble.  Probably it eats the same food as your hamster did (unless it’s so old that it’s gone stale, or moldy – which could possibly even kill it!).  The big deal, I’d think, would be water.  Did your hamster have a water bottle?  If the mouse has fresh food and water, I think it’ll do just fine.  The one other thing you could do to make its last days happier would be to give it an exercise wheel (just like your hamster would have had – though you might need to teach it to run on it).  This wouldn’t only give it a chance to run off some good frustration, but also give it something hard to chew on, which mice love to do.

Of course, there’s a great danger to all this!  You might just start to really like that mouse!  You might start to find it so adorable that you can’t feed it to the snake, and have to get some others for food, and keep this little varmint around for the rest of its life!  But if not, I think good food, good water, and a wheel should make its little bit of life left a pretty good run!

Thanks again!


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ilikechicken - May 8, 2013 Reply

Thanks! It worked and I don’t even like mice so I had no trouble feeding it to Monty when he ate it

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