How to live a successful life

beena asks: Tell me how to spend a successful life.

Hi beena –

I have an answer for you, which might sound cheap at first (or even catty, just about the lowest word I can imagine!).  It’s this: Define what “success” is for you.

The only time one can truly decide whether their life has been successful or not is at the end of it.  So imagine yourself many years from now, old, very happy, feeling your life has been a total success.  Now let your imagination run wild, like me in a field of bunnies!  What has made your life so successful?!

Do you picture wealth?  Maybe you’ve made a lot of money over these last decades.  Maybe you have a beautiful home with lots of gorgeous antique furniture and the highest-fashion clothing, and cool classic cars outside.

Do you picture fame?  Maybe you’re a household name, someone everybody on earth knows of and thinks of with fondness and some awe.

Do you picture health?  Are you still vibrant, strong, able to do most activities without any pain, and able to handle the problems that age deals you with great confidence and vigor?

Do you picture respect?  Are you someone who’s done very important and wonderful things, and whose word is taken very seriously by all who know you or know of you?

Do you picture fun memories?  Have you spent the last decades traveling, playing, making great friends, laughing a lot, doing daring activities, and taking the attitude of “using this body up?”

And do you picture love?  Do you imagine yourself surrounded by friends and family who care about you and appreciate you for your wonderful qualities, which have brightened their own lives every time they’ve been with you?

Picture hard, beena.  And once you have a great idea of what that success looks like…  GO FOR IT!  Work hard, play hard, love hard, take care of yourself, be true to your word, and greet the adventures that come with spirit and integrity.

And if you do all that, beena, you’ll have accomplished just what you asked to do, and can almost guarantee yourself a successful, and very joyous, life.



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