Why can’t Earth be like Space?

Kanna asks: Why can’t Earth be like Space?

Hi Kanna –

I’m not sure what you’re exactly asking.  If you mean, “what’s the difference between Earth and Outer Space,” then the main answer is that we know there’s life here!  Most scientists (and all science fiction fans!) believe that life must exist somewhere else in the universe, but the only place we know for sure has it is Earth.

If you’re asking what the difference is between Earth and Space in general, I’d say it’s air.  We consider ourselves to be basically “on Earth” still if we’re jumping up, or gliding, or even flying in an airplane, because we’re still within the Earth’s atmosphere.  But when a spaceship leaves that atmosphere, we say they’re in Space.

But your question seems to have a complaint to it.  “Why can’t Earth be like Space?”  So I’m thinking you’re wishing it were more like it!

Well, my little doggy brain really can’t come up with a good answer for you on that one.  If you took away all our air and water, I imagine it would become like Space very quickly, but I wouldn’t like that at all.  (Actually, we’d all be goners so fast we wouldn’t have a chance to like or dislike anything ever again!)

If I haven’t grasped what you’re asking, please feel free to correct me.  But otherwise, I guess my best answer is, Earth can’t be like Space because none of us want it to be!


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