How to get forgiveness from a sibling you’ve hurt

nardy asks: I have an older sister. On our PC there are some bad pics of her. Once I really got mad at her and sent one of them to one of my friends and said she is ugly, and she saw it and cried and said she hates me and she will never EVER forgive me! I apologized, but she asked me to go away and she now never talks to me. I posted on Instagram a pretty pic of her and said that she is pretty and I love her, but she just told me to stop posting pictures of her! What should I do?

Hi nardy –


My advice?  Give her time.

Sometimes I get mad at Handsome, and he tries to do something nice for me, and I’ll stay annoyed (but if it’s him giving me a treat, I will eat it.  I’ll just walk away from him afterwards).  Give her space and time, but keep trying to be nice.  I imagine she’ll forgive you eventually.  But for now, just keep letting her know that you know what was wrong about what you did, and that you’ll never do anything like that again.  That’s what will matter to her in the long run.



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