How to get great legs

tin asks: How can I get gorgeous legs?

Hi tin –

I take it from your question that you’ve looked at my picture, and want to get fantastic legs like mine!  Oh I agree, in full modesty, they are splendid!  They’re strong and fast and can make me jump really high!  Everything I want in them!

But you, sadly, are a human, and can never have quite the legs I do.  I mean, you’ve got calves with some shape, and you have feet that are over three inches long!  And even if you don’t shave, I’m sure your legs are far less furry than mine!!

So I really can only give you two answers.  One is in terms of pure aesthetics, you can look at a good website like, which tells you about makeup and shaving and all that sort of stuff (about which I know NOTHING!).

But beyond that, your legs are somewhat the legs you were born with.  Some people have bigger calves than others, some have thinner ankles.  And there’s really not much you can do to change those.  But you can do the single most valuable thing possible, which is to be in great shape and look good overall, which will make your legs as good as they can possibly be.

So check out my posting about Natural Beauty Tips for Teenagers.  And that might help.

But at the same time, I do think it’s best to learn to love the legs you’ve got.  I sure love mine!



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