Is it okay for a girl to ask a boy out?

sazuna45 asks: Is it a bad idea for girls to ask guys out?

Hi sazuna45 –

Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that really hard.  Let me see…

I understand that some people feel that females should be restrained and coy, and stand back and wait for males to do everything…

And yet I’m a female, and like to run up and jump on dogs and people and lick them and tumble over them, and let them know exactly how I feel about them at once…

And the people who feel that that’s wrong, I think they’re downright crazy…

So if I add those all together, I end up saying…


Absolutely, intensely, gigantically NO!  There is NOTHING wrong with a girl asking a guy out!  Some guys are shy, and some are just too lost in their own worlds to notice the great girl who’s crazy about them.

Now of course, anyone asking anyone out is taking the chance that they’ll be rejected.  But that’s no truer for girls than for boys.  In fact, if more girls asked a boy out now and then, they might learn to be more sensitive when boys they’re not so into ask them out.

So I don’t know if you’re asking for yourself or a friend, but sazuna45, I say that life is here for the living of it, and if a girl wants to ask a boy out, she should JUMP at the chance!



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Mandie - September 26, 2012 Reply

it isn’t a bad idea for a girl to ask a guy out because maybe the guy might be shy to ask the girl out so therefore,if the girl asks the guy out, it may be a pleasure for the guy to say anything he wants to say to the girl and after that may increase the confidence of the guy… and he will think that if the girl has done it,then he can do it much better for her and therefore can take the girl out the next time…
good luck 🙂

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