What are the effects of teenage pregnancy?

mabs asks: What is teenage pregnancy all about, the causes, effects, and consequences?

Hi mabs –

I’m a bit confused by your question.  Are you asking what the causes, effects, and consequences of actual pregnancy are?  If so, the easy answers are: Sex and Babies!

But if you’re asking about the upsurge in teen pregnancy in recent years, your question is too big for this website!

The causes would include everything from changing sexual mores in societies, to changing demographics (cultures that have traditionally had children young are moving into other countries and changing those nation’s statistics), to humans developing sexually at younger ages due to hormones and other chemicals in food, and more.

The effects include acceleration in population growth, increased demand for social services, and changes in educational services, and more.

And the consequences?  We can only guess.  Everything from more unwanted children (which leads to great social problems) to global warming to…


I’m sorry I’m not able to give you a more definitive answer.  But you’re asking WAY too huge a question for even an exceptionally bright dog to handle!  All I can say for sure, on this issue is this:  Life offers so many wonderful opportunities, and humans get all sorts of chances that we dogs never do.  And while I’m a huge fan of kids and parenthood, I do urge teenagers to wait, and have the zillions of amazing experiences they can, before they take on the greatest responsibility they ever will face, and define the rest of their lives.



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