How to set up an exercise regimen

emily asks: What are the best exercises for 12-year-old girls to do? I trampoline and am fairly fit.

Hi emily –


I’m not an expert on exercises, but more importantly, I’m not an expert on You.  There are lots of good exercises that are right for pretty much everyone (swimming, running, chasing squirrels), but you’re at a time in your life when your body is changing faster than it ever will again.  So I’m going to strongly suggest that you get exercise advice from someone who not only knows more than I do, but also can see you and analyze your body’s needs.


You could ask a doctor or chiropractor; if your school has a Physical Education teacher, they’d be great to ask; or you could talk to a personal trainer at a gym.  All of these are people who are specifically trained to work with you and help you with the best possible exercises for you for now.


But if even that seems like too much, I imagine there’d be nothing wrong with you hopping on a bicycle every couple of days and riding it as far as you can.  That’s going to be good for you, I imagine, no matter what.


Have FUN!



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