What is love?

apsara asks: What is love?

Hi aspara –

Wow, how many songs have asked that question!

The word “Love” has an awful lot of meanings.  But to answer you, I really think we should stick to three.

The first is about the most basic attraction.  If you ever study physics, you’ll learn that all energy is about attraction and repulsion.  Particles are either drawn to each other or push away from each other.  Think of what happens if you put two magnets together, and how they’ll do one or the other.  Well I think that same energy exists at all levels of consciousness.  Insects don’t really have brains, but they’re drawn to some things, and fly away from others.  Fish and lizards and other tiny-brained animals also pretty much live their whole lives doing those two things.  Then when you move up to brilliant beings like dogs, we have a lot more going on in our brains, but we still are drawn to some things (pork chops, cheerful kids who throw balls, etc.) and are bothered by other things (skateboards – I just hate the sound of skateboards!).

But then when you talk about humans, with brains twice the size of ours, it’s SO much more complex!  Yet, you still have basic draws to some things, and pulls away from others.  Fundamentally, I think you can reduce everything all animals do, even humans,  to Love and Fear.  Love is the opposite of Fear.  Love is Attraction, Fear is Repulsion.

So basically, after having said all that, my first definition of Love is everything positive one feels.


Okay, second.  There’s a glorious sense of Love that is universal and lovely.  Lots of people find it in religion, but others might feel it by just looking at a beautiful view.  Astronauts all seem to express it when they get out into space and look back at this tiny planet of ours.  It’s a sense of everyone being part of one great beautiful thing, that people are more alike than they are different, that its everyone’s job to take care of everyone else.  It’s a splendid vision, and the best feeling in the world.  And really, it’s the truth.


Okay, then there’s the third kind of love. What we call “being in love.”  And for that, I want to just refer you what I wrote when Courtney, one of our pack members, asked me how one can know when they are in love.  Just put the name Courtney in the search box on the website, and it should come up.


Okay, aspara.  That’s a lot.  But you asked a very big question!  I hope this helped!


With Love!



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