What does “Shirelle” mean?

Sazuna45 asks: What does Shirelle mean?

Hi Sazuna45 –

Well there’s a story about that.  You see, when Handsome first got me, he didn’t have any idea of what to name me, but he didn’t want it to be something “clever,” like about my color or breed.  He wanted it to come to him organically, about my essence.


Then, after he’d had me a few days, he started to get a little frustrated at just calling me “Puppy” (or “Knucklehead,” which they’d called me in the pound!).  And he left me at home and went on a long drive to visit some friends.  And on the drive, he started thinking about how much he was loving me, and about how soft my fur was, like chiffon.  And he thought, “Hmm… could I name her Chiffon?”  But he thought that was too soft a name for a puppy as aggressive as me.  But the word made him think of the singing group The Chiffons.  He’d always liked them, and that whole type of music – they call them The Girl Groups – trios and quartets of young women in the early 1960s, singing songs of romance, brashness, humor, rudeness, excitement… everything he saw in me!  So he thought maybe one of those had a name that would be good for me.

“Let’s see.  Marvelette, Angel, Vandella, Shangri-La, Supreme, Ronette, Crystal… Shirelle?”  Hey, he’d always loved The Shirelles.   They were one of the best of these groups, and sang lots of really timeless songs, like “Dedicated to the One I Love,” “Tonight’s the Night,” “Mama Said,” and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.”  Great stuff!

He later did some research, and found that the word “Shirelle” means absolutely nothing.  The group had made it up.  They wanted a name that sounded like another group called The Chantells, and their lead singer was named Shirley.  So… Shirelle.  A word that means nothing, except music, romance, humor, love, and spirit.

Which is kind of… me!


Thanks again!


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Leah - November 20, 2012 Reply

You are mistaken I am sorry. Shirelle has meaning it means song of god in hebrew

    Shirelle - November 22, 2012 Reply

    You’re right! Though it’s usually spelled differently when translated from the Hebrew. Handsome has met two women in his life who were named Shirel, for just that reason. But he didn’t know about that when he named me. What’s amazing is that the reasons he named me Shirelle really FIT with the idea of “Song of God.” That’s exactly the way he sees me! Thanks for the correction!

Shirelle - October 13, 2021 Reply

Means God’s song in Hebrew. A Jewish couple i knew told me. Im sad I don’t sing. I just read in English it means bright meadow

    shirelle - October 16, 2021 Reply

    Really?! I knew the Hebrew one, but where did you see that about the English meaning? I’ve never seen that! And I loooove bright meadows! Thanks!!!

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