What are good topics for debate

gumwan asks: What topics would you recommend for students to debate?

Hi gumwan –


I think the big question is whether you want timeless debate topics (Does God exist? Should church and state be separate?  Are men and women different?  Are dogs better than cats?!), or current issue topics (Obama vs. Romney, are video games a good or bad thing for kids, what to do about the obesity epidemic, what to do about the world economy?).


Now I’m assuming you’re dealing with pretty mature kids, like 16-18 years old.  If you’re thinking about younger ones, then I’d go for easier, less controversial, subjects. Should recess be longer?  How much TV should kids watch?


Hmm… you could still do the one about dogs vs. cats.  Though frankly I find that debate absurd – we’re SO much better!!


Good luck!


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