What are some good songs for a girl who loves a guy who doesn’t notice her?

sazuna45 asks: Do you know any song about a girl who likes a guy but the guy never notices the girl and keeps on changing his girlfriends? Or about a girl who likes a guy and she cries for him and cares about him but he doesn’t know? She loves his smile by the way.

Hi sazuna45 –


As you probably have noticed, I’m a great lover of music.  And so I do have some thoughts on this.  But I know there are hundreds more songs out there I’m not thinking of, and thousands I’ve never heard.  But here are five goodies:


#5: Adele’s “To Make You Feel My Love” – a great rendition of a wonderful song, expressing the longing she has for someone who can’t pick up on what she’s feeling.  Painful and sweet.


#4: The Marvelettes’ “Playboy” – an angrier song about this situation, where the woman doesn’t want the man to make her just another one of the girls he’s won and used.  Your question didn’t sound angry, but this might apply sometime.


#3: Billie Holiday’s “I Cried For You” – not angry, but glorying – if the girl you’re writing about (you perhaps?) at some point gets fed up with this guy, and he comes to her, she gets to sing this triumphant piece.  “Every road has a turning” – exactly!


#2: Linda Ronstadt’s “Long Long Time” – This is the first song that came to my mind when I got your question.  One of the most painful and gorgeous records ever, of undying love for a guy who falls “for all the girls you never knew.”  Three hankies at least!


#1: The Chiffons’ “One Fine Day” – This is one of my very favorite songs, and the PERFECT one for the girl you describe.  It’s got all the sass and bravado of #4 and #3, and all the longing of #5 and #2, but with a hope and romantic optimism — and that awesome piano-and-drum intro! — that will just fill her heart with the spirit to MAKE THAT GUY NOTICE HER!


Have fun with these, sazuna45!  I sure had fun coming up with the list!





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Sazuna45 - July 6, 2012 Reply

Thanks again for the music list Shirelle, my current favourite is “Long long time” <3

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