Who is Handsome?

sazuna45 asks: I’m new here so I don’t know much about you. Can you tell me who Handsome is?

Hi sazuna45 –


Handsome is just the most wonderful, sweet, guy in the world.  He’s also the most irritating, controlling, annoying person I’ve ever met.  You see, he’s my human.  Some people consider him my “owner,” but he’d be the first to tell you that he no more owns me than I own him.  We just take care of each other all the time.

Handsome is the man who rescued me from the dog pound, and who feeds me and pets me and makes sure I have a roof over my head.   So he’s the best!  He’s also the one who locks me up in his yard so I can’t get out, takes me to the veterinarian where I get shots, and gives me baths – so he’s the worst!!   All I know is that whenever I’m away from him I worry, and when I’m near him I’m happy.  And whenever he sees me, he’s maybe even happier.  You see, he’s also the one I protect with my superior hearing and great teeth, he’s the one I kiss and play with when he’s feeling bad, and he’s the one I’m always teaching all these great lessons – like the ones I send you.

My greatest wish for you, sazuna45, is that you can find someone you love and are devoted to, who returns that love and devotion, just as much as Handsome and I do each other.  Because if you do, then you will almost certainly feel about that being this same feeling – that they’re the best-looking, best smelling, best-sounding, best-feeling thing on this earth!





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