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u1urquiola asks: Can you teach me a magic trick?

Hi u1urquiola –



Oh I’d love to show you a magic trick!  Here it is – roast up a big leg of lamb, and once it’s cool enough, put it on the floor.  Turn around for one second, and it will disappear!  Funny part is, so will I!  Isn’t that awesome!!!


Okay, you probably want to learn some tricks that are a bit harder to figure out than that one.  And I’m no good at those (they call it sleight-of-hand for a reason; sleight-of-paw’s a lot harder to achieve!).


I found a good site for some very simple tricks:

But if you want tricks that are more complex, I’d just say to put “Magic Tricks” in any search engine, and see what comes up.  There are almost an infinite number on the internet.  Find one that works well for you, and you’ll be set.


Good Luck!



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Rommel - May 30, 2012 Reply

Hello Shirelle,

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