What sort of underwear is appropriate for a teenage boy?

sidi asks: I am a 14-year-old teen boy, and am confused. What type of underwear is suitable for me ?

Hi sidi –


Wow, sidi, this is a subject about which I know almost nothing!  Underwear is only one thing to me – it’s the most interesting smelling part of human clothing!  I don’t quite understand it, frankly – if you’re already covering your body with fabrics (which I assume is to make up for not having nearly enough fur), why do you need to wear more layers on exactly the part of your body that needs to get uncovered a few times a day?!  I mean, when you go to the men’s room, you don’t have to take your shoes off, so why don’t you wear three pairs of socks instead of making it take more time to get down to your business?!


But I guess dogs just don’t understand about those things, so I won’t even try.


I think the real answer to your question is all about comfort.  And there are two types of comfort I’m talking about.  One, of course, is the physical comfort of wearing underwear that feels good and doesn’t squeeze you too tight, especially in those parts of your bodies that are most sensitive.


But the other is about social comfort.  If you don’t know what to wear, wear what the other boys your age are wearing.  And if you don’t know, just ask at a clothing store.  Now of course, a salesperson might try to get you to buy a very expensive designer brand that you can’t really afford.  Well there’s no need to spend all that money.  But if they can tell you whether to get briefs or boxers, whites or blacks or colors, patterns or solids… that’s what you really want to know.


Thanks for the interesting question!  I have to admit, I never thought about it before!


(After all, if I were buying underwear, the overwhelming issue would be that it had to have a hole for my tail!!!!)





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