Can we ask Shirelle about things we can’t talk to our parents about?

Epic1999 asks: I don’t feel comfortable talking to my mum about anything sexual just in case she gets the wrong idea. Would I be able to talk to you about stuff like that?

Hi epic1999 –

I am more than happy to talk with any of my pack members about any subject they ask.  If it’s something I know nothing about, I’ll do my best to find the information you need, or at least point you to someone who can help more than I can.

There are certain issues that I don’t post on AskShirelle about, because this site is for kids as well as teenagers.  But you can always write to me about anything, and I’ll just send answers to you, without posting them on the site.  It’s TERRIBLY important that teenagers have all the facts about these issues, and I’m glad to help in any way I can.



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