What is high school like?

Wolves asks: What’s high school like?

Hi Wolves:

My answer won’t tell you much!  On one hand, high school is usually different from the earlier years in that students don’t have “a” teacher or class, they just move from classroom to classroom; students have a lot more freedom and responsibility (you’re expected to do your homework without any help or reminders from teachers); and there are more varieties of classes to take.

But I’ll bet that if you ask high schoolers what’s different between high school and younger grades, they won’t mention those things at all!

Here’s what high school’s really like:

–       Everyone is hormonal (this means their bodies are changing, becoming more attractive in some ways, but getting blemishes and sometimes smelling bad too)

–       Everyone’s thinking about each other in ways and intensities they never did before (especially regarding sex)

–       People who excel at things are putting their time and energy way more into them (whether that’s athletics, arts, jobs, or academics)

–       If you’re a good student, you’re thinking lots about college or university, and your parents are probably thinking about it more than you are, so your grades matter even more than they did before

–       Everyone will try dangerous things they didn’t before, from things I’d really caution you against, like gangs and hard drugs, to things I love that you just need to be careful about, like dating and driving.

Overall, Wolves, high school is a time of incredible opportunities, incredible tensions, incredible chances for success and failure, and something that everyone needs to live through once.  Some people say it’s the happiest time of their entire lives.  Others would rather go to jail than repeat it!  But what it is for everyone is one simple thing:  Unforgettable!

My best advice for you, my friend, is to dive into it head-first.  Don’t be stupid, but don’t be too hesitant either.  The friends you make you’ll likely have for life.  The loves you love you will love forever.  The lessons you learn (in class and especially outside of class) will shape your personality from now on.  And the best moments, whatever they are, will be memories you’ll cherish to the grave.

Or to put it in a way more appropriate to your name, Wolves…



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