Why would someone choose to sleep with wet hair?

Shira asks: My daughter wets her hair each time she takes a wash and keeps it wet without wiping. She even sleeps with wet hair, and she is having a blocked nose most of the days. Every night she is under antihistamine medicines due to this. We have tried our best to tell her not to wet the hair, but for some reason she cannot do this. Please help us to know how to correct her as it is very bad for her in the long run.

Hi Shira –

Okay, I have to admit, I am totally mystified about this!  Let me be clear, I hate baths!  I hate getting wet at all unless it’s because I’m playing and jump in the water.  And I love getting toweled off afterwards, largely because I (did I say this already) HATE baths!

So why someone would choose to stay wet, especially in bed, confuses me.

In fact, it confuses me so much that I think there has to be a reason for it that I don’t know.  Now honestly, I also don’t know if it’s terribly bad for her.  If she’s not actually catching pneumonia from it, then probably it’s not that big a problem (antihistamines usually come in handy more for allergies than for colds or flu).  But it is disconcerting.

So the first thing I want you to do, shira, is to find out what’s in it for her.  Does she think it’ll be good for her hair?  Does she just hate towels and hairdryers (if so, I’m with her on the hairdryers – loud things blowing on me aren’t exactly my idea of fun!)?  Does she think it will help moisturize her face?  Whatever it is, I think the best thing is to find out why she does it, and then you can confront that belief… or not.

Please do me a favor and let me know what she says.  Most likely, this is just a phase she’s going through and it doesn’t mean much.  But in case there is something else going on, I’d love to know.





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