How to celebrate a four-year-old’s birthday

Chel asks: How do I give birthday wishes to my 4 year old boy?

Hi Chel –

What you should do to celebrate your boy’s fourth birthday?  Well my easy advice is to ask him!  Does he want a party with friends?  Does he want to go see a movie?  Does he want any new toys?  Does he perhaps (if he’s really super-smart) want a puppy?!  Does he want ice cream or cake or a trip to the zoo or a ride in your friend’s convertible?

Four-year-olds are a lot like dogs, in that they really do know exactly what they want.  And it’s usually pretty simple.  So I’d just ask him what he’d like.

Remember, birthdays mean something very different to a little child from what they do to an adult.  There’s no real importance to “birthday wishes” at this age.  For kids that age, this is just a day to celebrate, when it’s all about them.  And if you can give that to your son, he’ll be the happiest kid on earth.  Which means your biggest wish will have come true!

Good Luck!  Give him a lick on the nose for me!



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