What’s a good gift to give parents?

Serena asks: I’m kinda crazy thinking of what’s the best farewell gift for my parents. I’m 12 years old please suggest to me the cutest gift I could give.

Hi Serena –

Well the cutest gift is always a puppy!  But I don’t know if that’s what your parents would want right now.

What I’m not sure of is who’s leaving whom!  Is the farewell gift because you’re going somewhere on a vacation, or because they are, or is it that you or they are actually moving away from the other one?  There’s a huge difference in what sort of gift to give, depending on the situation.

If they’re just going on a vacation, what you want to give is something small and easy.  Parents love things made by their kids, so if you could make a little (very little!) figure out of clay, or draw them a picture, they’d love that.  It’ll be like having a little bit of their beloved Serena with them, and help them with how badly they’ll be missing you.

On the other hand, if it’s you going on a vacation, then you don’t have to worry so much about size.  Paint a picture of all of you, your whole family (don’t leave out the pets if you have any – we really care about being included!).  Or write them a poem about how excited you are about leaving, and how eager you’ll be to tell them about your adventures when you get home.  Or you could build them something out of clay or wood, something fun that has some of your spirit in it.

But if you or they are actually moving away, that’s a gigantic event.  There will be all sorts of worry and pain and concern.  For that, I don’t know what sort of gift would suffice.  Except for one – for you to write them a letter.  A real, open, strong letter that would tell them how you feel about them and what they mean to you.  You’ll have lots of opportunities to send them fun presents (like the things I suggested earlier), but right now, it’s the time for heart.

I hope that helps!




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