Why do guys mess with girls’ heads?

secrets and lies asks: Why do guys always mess with girls’ heads?

Hi secrets and lies –

This is a very funny question!  Because 45% of the world thinks guys are always messing with girls’ heads, another 45% think girls are always messing with guys’ heads, and the other 10% are guys and girls whose heads are getting messed with by their own gender!


I have a simple answer, but the best way for me to describe it is to ask if you’ve ever seen the “Ultimate Dog Tease” video on YouTube.  It’s the very very funny one with the big dog getting excited about all sorts of yummy food that his owner is enticing him with, and then disappointing him.  Now anyone who watches that would say that humans mess with dogs’ heads, right?  Well then picture me at the beach with Handsome, when he calls to me.   I know he wants to put the leash back on me to go home, and I’m willing to go, but not till we have to.  So I run to him obediently and excitedly, but just as he reaches for me, I duck away and keep running – and then do the same thing about twenty times, till he’s about to give up and go home without me –  then I give in and let him leash me.  Now if someone only saw that, they’d say it’s dogs who mess with humans’ heads!


What all this is getting to, secrets and lies, is that it’s all about DESIRE!  If someone has something you really want, you can drive them nuts – whether you want to or not!


And that’s the funniest part of it.  Sure guys mess with girls’ heads when it’s fun for them to do (just as girls do guys, people do dogs, dogs do people, etc.).  But also you’ll be dealing with a guy who has no intent at all of messing with you, he’ll just be trying to be nice, and his attempts will make you insane!  He says he’ll take you out Saturday, then his parents say he has to go to his Aunt Mathilda’s house that night, so he buys you a flower to say he’s sorry, you’re thrilled and think this is true love and commitment… and then he doesn’t call or write you for two weeks!  He hasn’t meant to confuse you, or certainly to hurt you, but he’s done both!


And meanwhile, there’s this other boy who has a mad crush on you, and no matter what he says or does about it, you’re not even noticing, because you’re just thinking of Mathilda’s nephew, and so you drive this boy totally bonkers!


Do you see it all?  When you do, it’s absolutely hilarious.  That’s why romantic comedies never go out of style, why Jane Austen books and reruns of “Friends” are still so popular, and how Shakespeare wrote “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream.”  Have you ever seen or read that?  I suppose it’s the greatest “everyone’s messing with everyone’s heads” work ever written – and at one point Puck, the little boy fairy, looks at all the lovers and laughs “What fools these mortals be!”


Such fools all lovers are, secretsandlies!  Lovers of men, lovers of women, and yes, lovers of maple-flavored bacon!





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