How to deal with someone you used to have a crush on

prettyndsweet12 asks: Last school year I had a crush on this boy and I was soooo scared to talk to him that every time he tried to talk to me I would get freaked out and walk away! Now I think he hates me for that. He is now going out with my friend, and I still like him, and I want a chance to make things right between him and me, but I don’t know how to do it, and I don’t want my friend to think I’m trying to steal her boyfriend!

Hi prettyndsweet12 –


Ah young love!  How people love to romanticize it – all forgetting how stressful and upsetting it is for those still in it!!!


Now it seems to me that everything going on here is about assumptions and interpretations.  What did this guy think when you freaked out and walked away, how does he feel about you now, and how does your friend see your actions?  SOOOO confusing!


It’s one area where it’s so much easier to be a dog.  If someone doesn’t want to play with us, we find someone else to play with.  We don’t spend one second thinking about why they didn’t want to play.  You humans have much bigger brains, and as you see, they make life so much more difficult!


Now I’m no mind-reader, prettyndsweet12, but I’m going to make a guess.  I’m going to guess that this guy doesn’t hate you at all – might think you’re a bit odd, but that’s all.  But if I’m right, and you go to him to “try to make things right,” you may come off even odder!  To him and to your friend.


So I’d suggest that you act as if nothing ever happened.  Be friendly with both of them, maybe invite them over sometime, and eventually, when he asks why you used to act so weird, you can just smile and say “Because I thought you were cute!”  And if he, or your friend, asks if you still do, you can say “Sure.  But I’ve found someone cuter!”


Cuter than him?  Who?  Why Shirelle of course!!!



Good Luck!



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