Liking someone who is only drawn to you when you pull away

TeenWolf2725 asks: I have another question about the guy I like. He is a good friend of mine, but it’s like an on-and-off relationship. I mean when I like him, he doesn’t like me, but when I start to forget about him, he seems to like me, and I don’t understand it. I need some help with this one.

Wow TeenWolf2725, I can totally relate!  You see, as a dog (or wolf), we tend to simply adore the ones we adore, and want to be with them all the time.  But there are other sorts, other animals, who are the exact opposite.  And you know what they’re called?  Cats!


Cats just hate getting attention and intimacy and closeness all the time.  They’ll let people pet them, purring and lapping it up, and then suddenly scratch at the person and run away.  Cats are drawn to people who ignore them (if you don’t believe me, watch a person with cat allergies at a party – cats will avoid everyone else and be rubbing on that person’s leg in no time!).


Now before I get a bunch of complaining emails, I know that not all cats are exactly like this.  But this is the norm, and it’s why we hear about “Dog People” and “Cat People.”  Because humans tend to have one or the other sort of energy.


Now it sounds like this fellow you’re so drawn to is kind of a Cat!  When you like him, he pulls away, but when you don’t, he’s drawn to you.  This is very common!  Everyone (much as I hate to admit it!) has at least a little Cat in them!  If you know the movie or book “Gone With the Wind,” you’ll remember how that crazy Scarlett and Rhett do this back-and-forth dance through the whole thing!  (And don’t even get me started about those nutty doctors on “Grey’s Anatomy!”)


Now if you really want this guy, it probably means you’re a bit Cat yourself.  Maybe you enjoy some of the drama of him pulling away and coming back.  So if so, then my advice to you is… FLAUNT IT!  Do some of that to him too!  When he starts to be nice to you, pull away a bit.  Maybe it’ll pull him in to you more!  And maybe, while you’re pulling away, dress just a little better, look just a little bit prettier.  And that might drive him batty!


And then, maybe, just maybe, he’ll be so crazy about you that he’ll stop playing this Cat game so much.  And you’ll have him as your lapdog for as long as you like!!!


Good Luck!!




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