How to tell someone you think they’re great

Lady Ritzy asks: My feelings about my cousin is just something more than regular kind of feelings, and I would never want to marry him. I just want to him know I love him, but that’s all!! At the same time, I hate the idea of doing it, and maybe I shouldn’t tell him, “Hey I love you more than every thing in whole world!” Maybe one day I’ll find some other guy better than him!!

Hi Lady Ritzy –


I guess I’ve been a little confused.  You say you’re having trouble telling your cousin how much you love him, and starting a conversation with him, but that this isn’t a romantic feeling.  So is it that you just simply idolize him, think he’s the best thing there is, and have trouble telling him how terrific he is?


Wow, if that’s it, this is WAY easier than I was thinking!  I have one very thought-out answer for you:




I know you’re still young, but I can promise you that when people get old, and especially when they’re facing the end of their life, the most common regret they say is that they didn’t tell someone how much they loved them when they had the chance.  So DO IT!  Write him a letter, write a song, or just give him a call.  But don’t let this pass! The only feeling that’s better than hearing how much someone loves you is telling it to them!


What’s especially great about the way you’re feeling is that it’s not asking anything of him.  You’re not hoping to marry him – you’re not even hoping to date him.  You just want to tell him he’s fantastic!  Well DO IT!!!  When I feel that way, I jump up and lick the person in the nose.  And Handsome, oh it’s just about every night that he takes my head in his hands and looks into my eyes and says “Do you have any idea how wonderful you are?!”


Do you know the old song “To Sir With Love?”  If you can find it, that might give you some hints of some things to say.


There’s nothing wrong you can say or do, Lady Ritzy.  The only mistake you can make is to do nothing.


In other words…  as if I haven’t said it enough by now…   DO IT!!





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