Who Is Shirelle?

lady Ritzy asks: Shirelle, can you introduce your self? Like: What is your sex? How old are you? Please tell me – I don`t want to kibitz. I just want to know your real personality. Tnx.

Hi Lady Ritzy –


Well, you can tell my real personality just by reading the posts on this site.   I think I’m very nice, though some might disagree – especially squirrels and cats!  I absolutely adore kids and dogs, and really tend to like almost all humans in general.  I’m a bit bratty at times, but very loving, especially to my best friend Handsome, who takes care of me.


I am a female (though I was spayed when I was young, so I can’t ever become a mother).  I’m a full-grown dog – I’m not sure exactly how old, but let’s just say “middle-aged!”  No one’s sure of my breed.  I definitely have some Siberian Husky in me, but the rest is a mystery.  Some people think Greyhound, some Collie, some Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Because of a couple of pictures I’ve seen, I think I might be part Saluki.  I’m pretty tall, mainly because I have very long legs.  I weigh about 65 pounds (29 kg).


I love running, jumping on people, barking, licking everyone, chasing other animals, being chased by other dogs, playing, the sound of trumpets, and food.  LOTS of food!  I dislike skateboards, strangers in my yard, most cats, and anything that makes water come onto the top of me (rain, sprinklers, or of course baths).   And I hate being abandoned, always.  I lived in a dog pound for a week when I was a puppy, and anything that reminds me of that just makes me miserable.


So that’s me.  Except for one thing:  Like most dogs, I really like to feel that all people are my friends.  And one great thing about this website is that I get to treat my Pack Members that way.  So as well as playing and eating and such, one of the things that makes me happiest is getting letters from people like you.


So thanks for your question, Lady Ritzy.  I hope this helps you know me better!




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