Why do guys like sex?

lady Ritzy asks: Hi dear Shirelle. Why do guys like sex???

Hi Lady Ritzy –


What a funny question.  But I guess it’s really a profound one.  My problem is that you could be asking one or more of three questions, so I’m going to try to answer all of them as best as a doggy can.


First, if you’re asking in terms of biology, most all beings above a certain cellular level reproduce by mating, so there’s an urge in them all for the mating act.  In the higher mammals (including dogs and humans) there is a mixture of sensitive parts of the body liking certain feelings and very powerful urges of attraction.  Although there are billions of exceptions, the majority of cases in these mammals involve the male being the most driven to the sex act.  This is why female dogs like me like to run and be chased, and why lots of humans expect the man to be the one to ask the woman out on dates, and for the man to lead in dances.  The urge to mate is one of the strongest drives any being ever feels, and it is only satisfied by the accomplishment of its desires, so, to use your words, “guys like sex” because it’s everything this urge is after (as well as feeling good).


Okay second, if you’re asking why this urge is in animals, the simple answer is that without it no species would survive past one generation.  It’s like asking why we like to eat or to breathe – if we didn’t want to do them, we’d simply die off!


But third, you might be asking why guys seem to like and want sex so much, to the point of ridiculousness!  And I definitely agree, it gets absurd!  I think the reason is that our current world puts so much meaning and pressure on sex, sexiness, and sexual history.  People used to honor virgins, and now they make fun of them.  People used to honor the virtues of chivalry, and now they watch “Two and a Half Men” and listen to raps about having multiple lovers.  So young men who used to gain their pride by athletics or their wits now focus only on sex to build their status.  (And if you’re not picking up my opinion here, it is NOT up to us females to give them that status!  We get to pick and choose who we want in our lives, and guys who are just after status are a pretty poor choice!)

In the end, Lady Ritzy, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sex, or liking it.  It’s a glorious and beautiful thing (or so I hear; I was spayed when I was six months old, so it’s an experience I’ve never had!).  But it’s awfully important for you to keep your own sense of boundaries and rights, and decide when and if you want it.

But if you do choose to have it, you’re almost guaranteed to like it just as much as those obsessed guys you’re asking about!





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