How do we pray for our children’s purity

animalkingdom asks: I have a 13 year old daughter who would like to stay pure until she gets married. Is there any prayer that one says with them when you give them a purity ring?

Hi animalkingdom –


I am a dog, and so thereby unaffiliated with any religion, and pretty unaware of most.  But I’ll make up a prayer, and you can use it or change it however you wish:


May you live the life you wish.  May you have the strength and wisdom to act in your own best interests, in the short term and the long.  May you find and recognize love and faithfulness in yourself and others, and both give and receive the worth they deserve.  And may you always know the truth and see the light surrounding you.


(Okay, so I stole the last line from a song Handsome sings to me a lot.  But it’s good, isn’t it!)


Thank you for such a beautiful request,



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JOHN ARWIN MANALOTO - November 17, 2011 Reply

That’s a very honest and real question from a parent. We all want the best for our children. To respond to the question, there is no specific prayer that we should memorize for our children to stay pure. I believe that we just need to pray to God everyday for our children and bear our hearts to our God to protect our children and help them make the right choices in life. Secondly, good communication is very key. We need to spend regular quality time with our children and let them know that loving God and doing what pleases Him should be their priority in life. Teaching our children to have heart for God will give them deep convictions that will guide them in their life. Hope I made sense.

    Erlyne Javier - February 9, 2020 Reply

    What happened to you? You gave this advice but you left your family for another woman? You had this heart when you were a paid minister but now that you’re not, your real godless self came out.

JOHN ARWIN MANALOTO - November 17, 2011 Reply

My apologies! I was a bit off tangent in my response. I was sharing with the “how to help our children stay pure” question in mind. When we had our father-daughter dance, I put the purity ring on my daughter’s finger and I remember saying a prayer or some phrases. I am looking for the file in my archive. I will post it when i find it. Thank you

Denden Garcia - April 10, 2020 Reply

You give an advice on purity when you are immoral and cheat your wife. What purity ring did you give your daughter when you abandoned her to be with your mistress! You are a teacher but you bring your mistress to your school and camp out there. You and your mistress should not be allowed to teach at all in any part of the world.

    shirelle - April 12, 2020 Reply

    Hmmm… In all my years with this website, I’ve never gotten a response like this. I sure know I’ve never cheated on my wife (we dogs can’t marry, and my committed relationship is with my human friend Handsome, who doesn’t get upset or call me a cheat if I jump on other people and lick their faces), and since we have Pack Names I don’t know if the person who wrote this even knows who wrote this letter (nine years ago!), or if they’re responding to someone who commented on it before. But I feel I need to let it be printed, as it brings up a good question. Does a person who’s done bad things have the right to give advice on being pure? Or are they the ones who most understand the pain one goes through for having done bad things, and so are the best ones to give that advice? I sure know the old adage of “Do as I say, not as I do” applies, and even more so “Do as I say, not as I have done!” For example, anyone can tell anyone that stealing a piece of meat off someone’s plate is a bad idea, but I can say it with great knowledge of how mad it made Handsome when I did it!

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