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i dont know asks: I am a girl. My results in college are fine. But now-a-days I am suffering from severe headaches, especially while reading or browsing the Internet. I have no physical problem. But this continuous headache brings depression for me, and now my friends are getting bored with me too. Is there any solution?


Hi i don’t know –


Wow that sounds absolutely awful!  I hate it when any part of me aches, but if it keeps up for a long time, that drives me nuts!  I’m really sorry you’re going through this.


I know you say you don’t have any physical problem, but certainly the first thing that goes through my mind is – have you had your eyes checked lately?  If your headaches come when you read, there’s a chance you just need some glasses to help make that easier.  If that’s not it, you might look at how you sit when you read.  Lots of humans slouch forward when they read books or go online, and that can create lots of pain – either in the back, neck, shoulders, or head.  Sitting better can ease a lot of it.


Another thought is about your diet.  Maybe you’re eating or drinking too much or too little of something, and you’re only noticing the problem when you read.  If you drink caffeine or alcohol regularly, or eat a lot of sugar, or of course if you smoke at all, cutting any of those things down (or completely out) might well help your head feel better.  Then again, you might be dealing with an allergy, so it could be that you’re being affected by a substance you’re not even aware of.  So it might be worth going to an allergist (Handsome is a big fan of a practice called NAET for allergies; maybe you live somewhere near an NAET practitioner.  You can check that out at www.naet.com).


If none of these work, I’d really suggest that you go to a different doctor than the one who said you’re totally fine, just for a second look.  Some doctors even specialize in pain issues; one of them would be terrific.


But at the very least, no matter which of these ideas works or doesn’t, I always am a supporter of head-and-neck rubs.  Maybe you have someone in your life who can give you a nice massage; if not, most people can find a professional who’ll do it with more skill and less affection!  Either way, I love getting my head petted as much as possible, and you should too!


Feel Better!!!



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