How to throw a first birthday party

sab asks: I’m having my youngest daughter’s first birthday celebration, and have no idea how to make it memorable – not only for her, but for all the guests who’ll be attending it. I need fresh ideas! Please give me some valuable advice for my baby’s party!

Hi sab –


What a fun idea!  I wish I could come!


Handsome had a first birthday party for me, but the only thing I remember is that it was very frustrating, because our next-door neighbor’s fence was being repaired, so I had to be tied up the whole time, to keep me from running away!  (As though I’d run from a party with a barbecue grill!!!)


And that brings up the bad news:  Your child will never remember this party.  Human brains aren’t nearly developed enough by one year for an event like this to stick with her.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t honor her.  And maybe the feel of that will remain with her – and that will be the best thing of all.


For example, some friends of mine had a first birthday party for their son, and could tell that his favorite color was red – so they did the whole party in red!


The main thing I’d suggest, though, is to make it a FANTASTIC party.  And the way to do that is to invite a bunch of your friends, and ideally friends who also have very young children.  This way the whole party will be a celebration of  babies and toddlers and the love you and your friends have for them.  (Will there be crying, puking, diaper changing, tantrums…?  Oh yeah!  We’re celebrating EVERYTHING here!)


And of course take pictures and movies and recordings and everything.  Because when that daughter of yours is old enough to really learn about that party, it’ll blow her mind!


Good Luck!  And have some ice cream for me!!




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KayceeSimone - November 9, 2011 Reply

A good way is to document it on video and take photos! AS MANY AS POSSIBLE. A good idea is to buy a photo album or scrap book! They won’t remember it, but when they get older it will be good to be able to show them!

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