How to create a website

Rose asks: How can one make a Website?

Hi Rose –


There are basically two ways to go about creating a website.  And both of them do most of the technical work; then your job is to create something fantastic and make it wonderful.


First, there are lots of websites you can find that provide reasonably simple ways to create simple sites.  They’ll give you templates (which means the basic setup of the pages, which you can then add to, to make it your own), and set you up with the host, server, and all these other things that I don’t really understand.  That’s usually the least expensive way to go, and works just fine.  If you google “Websites” or “Website Creation,” you’ll see a lot of these companies.  Handsome had some good luck with one called Sandbox, from a company called Karelia, when he needed to set one up for his business, but otherwise I don’t know a lot about this.


And the reason I don’t know much about is because I did it the other way!  Which is that I hired someone to create the website for me.  I still had to write all the words you see (which they refer to as “Content”), but the whole way my website is set up has been done by professionals who know way more than I do.  In my case, I’m very happy to give a big plug to my wonderful designer – her name is Sherice Jacob, and she works at  If you want something better than those companies with the templates can offer, I can say nothing but wonderful things about her.  She’s attentive, caring, enthusiastic…  hey if she didn’t have those two nasty old cats in her house, I’d want to go visit her and lie by her side as she works!


But of course, there are lots of other website designers out there.


It’s terribly important that, whichever and whoever you choose, you find out before you agree to anything how much you will be charged for the work they do.  Websites can be very inexpensive, or hugely expensive, and I don’t want you to get yourself into a bad business deal.
But as long as you’re careful about that, I can tell you that having a website is one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.  So go for it, and good luck!!






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