Who is Shirelle and what’s the Pack?

123456 asks: Hi. My name is Pius; I just joined the pack today. I just want to ask what your name and are you the pack leader

Hi Pius –

Thanks so much for joining the pack!  My name is Shirelle.  I’m a dog who loves nothing more than to help kids, teens, and parents make their lives happier.  So I started this website to help anyone who wants me to.

Although I guess I am the leader of the Pack, I feel more like a member.  I’m just the member who gives advice to everyone.  But all the members can write things to comment on the things that people say, and I just love it when members send in pictures or photos or poems that I can print in the monthly Pack newsletter, “The Pawprint.”

So please, send in questions, make comments, and most of all have fun here.  That’s what I set it up for!

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