How to make life interesting and fun

choco asks: How can I make my life interesting? Are there some tricks to make fun in life??

Hi Choco –


This is probably my favorite question anyone’s ever asked me, because this is what I’m best at.  You see, we dogs always can find something interesting and fun, unless someone’s literally put us in a tiny cage.  And you humans have every bit of what we have in our brains, and a lot more.  So why is it that you often can’t come up with something, when we always can?  It’s because of that extra brain you have!  You’re so much more judgmental and worried and self-conscious and all that, which all gets in the way of life!  (Now please realize, I also know that that extra brain does a lot of good; Overall it tends to be better.  I’m not putting you down here, just pointing out how it can be a problem!).


So what you need to do is get all that nonsense out of the way, and find your own answer to the simplest question there is:  What Do You Want?  There are numerous ways to work at this.  Meditation is a great one: just sit with your eyes closed, breathe deeply, and ask yourself “What would I really like to do today?”  And often, something will come up.


Another is to “get out of the box.”  Do you do the same routines every day?  Do something different. If you’re always playing sports, read a book.  If you’re always reading, find a game you can join.  Fly a kite, paint a picture, write a story, make twenty sandwiches and find twenty homeless people to give them to.  Of course, most things are more fun with friends, so if you can find someone else to join you in this, that’s all the better.


And third… hey you knew I was going to say this, didn’t you?  Find a dog!  Buy a puppy if you can, but if that’s not possible, just find a friendly dog at a friend’s house or even in a park.  We are The Best teachers, and will show you how to have fun everywhere, even if it’s just sniffing bushes (You see, we have far more sensitive noses than you do, but we’ll show you how to pay attention to what’s out there in the big beautiful world, and you’ll be able to have as much fun with your great eyes as we’re having with our snouts!)!


But fundamentally, coco, it always comes down to one simple fact.  Different people (and animals) find different things interesting and fun.  When you find what interests you, just keep finding more. And the more that interests you out there, the more you’ll find it impossible to be bored ever again!  I promise you, if there’s one thing this pooch knows, it’s that life is too short, and there’s more interesting fun stuff out there than any of us could ever experience.  So get past your big brain, and find your truth.  As the bumper stickers say, Follow Your Bliss.


And when you do, you’ll be as happy as a puppy.  (and smarter!)


Enjoy The Search!




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