What’s important about Math and English classes?

WILL asks: Do you like Maths and English? I asked it because these subjects are my favourites, and I like to study them.



That is so cool!  I hear from kids all the time that they hate those two subjects!  It’s wonderful that you like them, and I’m guessing that some credit should go to at least some teachers you’ve had.


Now I have to admit, my knowledge of Math is mainly about comparing my running speed to that of a squirrel, and my knowledge of English is about grasping what I need to know to write here (and a few really important spoken words like “Come,” “Sit,” “Stay,” “No,” and “Hey what would you think of us going out and sharing a ham and cheese sandwich?” – but sadly I don’t hear that last one often enough!).  But you’re a human, and these things are a lot more important for you.


When Handsome was about ten, he didn’t like Math class at all.  But he had a phenomenal teacher who would meet with his very small (five kids!) sixth grade class in a closet (no kidding!) and teach them Math from her enormous passion for the subject, and by the end of the year, all the kids were doing ninth-grade math and it was their favorite subject.  Most won awards at the schools they went to the next year – all because of her!


His English classes varied.  He really liked the ones where they read amazingly cool books, and where the teachers didn’t ruin them by telling things that happened before he read them!  And of course it’s such a joy when someone helps you write in a way that you’re able to express things you couldn’t before.  That’s the best kind of English class!


So keep it up, Will!  Get all you can from those subjects, and you’ll find that they help you in almost everything else you’ll ever study.  Math is the key to Physics and Chemistry, and being a good writer will help you in History and Philosophy and… well, everything.


But as I say on here so often, what’s most important is that you’re experiencing Love Of Learning.  And that is the greatest gift any school can ever give to any kid.




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