Why we should pass on weather information to others

Hyra asks: why is it important to give information about Pagasa giving the people news when it reports storms?

Hi Hyra –

If I understand what you’re asking, it’s why one should pass on information that there’s bad weather coming.  Pagasa is the national weather service of the Philippines.  So when they put out an announcement of a big storm coming, I agree that it’s a really good idea for everyone there to let everyone else know about it.

So I’m a bit confused, Hyra.  Are you asking why it’s important to pass that information on?  Well, the easy answer is because all people are part of the human community, and it’s a good thing to help your fellow men and women keep safe.  Of course some storms just get everyone kind of wet, which is irritating, but not awful.  But other storms can cause horrible damage and even fatalities, so the reason you want to pass it on is to help people protect themselves in those situations.


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