Are long-distance relationships possible?

Brena asks: Can a boy live far away from me and fall in love with me?

Hi Brena –


Quick answer:  Yes!  It happens all the time!


The question is, what is that boy falling in love with?  For example, all us dogs are really obsessed with smell.  So there’s no way we could fall in love with someone we couldn’t sniff out.  People tend to be more interested in sight and sound – they are attracted to other people’s looks and the sound of their voice.  This is why so many people get crushes on movie stars and pop singers.


I’ve talked on this site before about the difference between crushes and falling in love – basically that a crush isn’t about the real person, but falling in love is.  So in some ways it’s a lot harder to fall in love with someone from a distance, because it’s harder to really get to know them.  But on the other hand, in some ways you might find it’s easier – you can write each other letters and get to know the deeper side of them, instead of being affected by how they dress every day.


The biggest question I’d throw at you, though, Brena, is Does He Want To?  Lots of people really hate the idea of “long-distance relationships,” because they don’t want to be in love with someone they can’t touch, smell, hear, or see.  (Or in my case, taste!  If I can’t lick someone’s nose, I’m just not interested!)


But if he does, and if whoever he’s in love with is in love with him, it can be a really wonderful romantic adventure.


Let me know how it goes!



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