How do we know Shirelle is a real dog?

Kevphia asks: If you are a dog, tell me what is the best thing you like to do. I’m not stupid — dogs can’t type! Send me proof that you are a dog!

Hi Kevphia –


I wrote a poem for you


How common are these current trends

Where doubt about us swarms:

Obama had to get his state

To release official birth forms.

And here you question me today

On whether I’m canine

And orange and white with floppy ears

And a very thin waistline.


So what can this pooch say to you

To make you to believe

If I sent you photos of me typing

You might think that’s naïve!

“But she just used her Photoshop

To make that pic!” you’d scream.

Yes, anything I’d give to you

Would seem just a cheesy scheme.


The fact is, dear, I simply can’t.

I can’t prove what I am.

All I can do is tell you that

My heart is not a sham.

I truly care about my Pack

I’m so glad you signed up.

And over time I hope to become

Just about your favorite pup!





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