Should one comment on posted pictures.

giphtiee asks: Is it wrong for a girl to comment on a guy’s picture publicly?

Wow, how times change! There was a time not so long ago when this question would bring up images of people yelling at billboards or posters “Wow that guy’s cute!” or “Hey you’re too ugly to be up there!” Today, with the Internet, it’s all different though, isn’t it?

I’m not able to tell you it’s right or wrong to comment. But I do think there are two important things to remember, before you do. In fact, these are good to think about before you post anything on the Internet.

First, once you put a comment up, everyone in the world can see it. Are you sure you want everyone to know what you think about this guy’s picture? If you are, then maybe it’s fine to do. But be sure before you do.

And second, which part of you is commenting? We all have kinder parts and less-kind parts. When I see kids I know coming up the block carrying ice cream cones, I am extremely kind! When I see a sneaky cat sauntering up like he owns the place, I am extremely not! And that’s okay, it’s part of who I am. But if I were going to post on Facebook or something, I might not want to say a bunch of insults to a cat who people really love. I might decide to just hold back and not say anything instead. But if there was a great picture of one of my friends up there, maybe I’d post a line like “Wow you look stunning!”

I don’t like hurting people’s feelings. Sometimes in life we just have to, but I avoid it when I can. So if you have something to say in a post that’s funny or supportive or just kind, that’s great. But always make sure you remember to think about whether it hurts anyone you don’t want to hurt. Because once you put it online, it’s there, with your name on it!

And just like a fire hydrant, once you’ve put your mark there, everyone will know forever. And if it stinks, well, that’s how people will think of you!

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