Who Is Shirelle’s Teacher?

ChrisFoxx asks: Who is your teacher?

You mean my obedience teacher? Oh Handsome is usually my trainer, though I was in an obedience class when I was a puppy. The teacher of that was very nice, but neither Handsome nor I remember his name now. The best thing about him was that he taught the humans never to strike their dogs, just to train the dogs to focus, using treats! So training was something I looked forward to, instead of dreading it as most dogs do.

But if you mean who teaches me the things I write here – wow, that’s a simple answer: EVERYTHING! I’m a curious dog, and I love to watch and listen and sniff and taste and roll in everything I can! I learn from watching Handsome a lot, of course. But I also learn from watching his friends, or from watching birds or trees or rocks. I learn from other dogs, I learn from rainstorms, I learn from cars, I learn from downed electrical power lines. Because Handsome talks a lot about things like history and current events and literature and movies and music (especially music!), I learn some about those things too.

And I learn from myself. I learn from my heart. I learn about how others would feel about things by listening to how I feel. I learn by joy and by pain, by hilarity and by fury.

Life is the most amazing thing, ChrisFoxx. It always offers something to teach everybody. As long as they’re looking for it.

And the cool part is, if you learn any of how to do that from me, then the next time someone asks YOU who your teacher is, you get to say, “Well one of them is just the coolest dog!”

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