How to find friends your age online.

biros_littlemoon asks: I have a “HOTMAIL” account , but I don’t have many friends there. How can I make friends my age on Hotmail? I am 8 years old.

Hi biros_littlemoon –

Thanks for writing, and for joining my Pack!

I’m not sure I can help you much with your question, though. As I understand it, Hotmail is just a server on the Internet, kind of like a phone company. So it’s not really a way or place to make friends.

There are online groups where you can make friends, often with people with shared interests (like you just became a friend of mine!), but this is something you should definitely be very careful about. If you have a parent or other adult who can help you, you should have them check out any website that offers to help you make new friends, just to make sure you don’t end up getting in a bad situation with any people who aren’t very nice.

But as long as the situation is safe, then yes, you should be able to find people to talk with online. What are you most interested in? Sports, or video games, or movies, or… there are people talking about pretty much everything on the Internet.

But I have to say, as much as I love making new friends like you online, there’s NOTHING like making friends in person. Having someone to hang out with, go outside with, wrestle with, eat with, go to a movie or shopping or for a hike with… there’s nothing as good as a real-life friend.

And of course, if you can make friends with a dog, that’s the very best! Now that’s a friend who’ll always be there for you, and always ready to play. (But most dogs don’t do a lot on Hotmail or any other computer account. Our paws are too big!).

Best of luck — and be sure to be careful with those websites!

Your Friend,

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