What’s good and bad music?

CloBo asks: What’s the best kind of music? What’s bad?

The best kind of music is music you like.  There’s no such thing as bad music.  It can be so loud it hurts my ears (dogs have very sensitive ears, you probably know), but outside of that, it’s just a question of what you like.

Some dogs like soft classical music. You can see, they relax to it and swoon.  Sometimes I like really fast rock ‘n’ roll; it makes me want to play tug-of-war really roughly.  But usually, you know what I really like?  Trumpets.  I love old big-band swing music and I love marching bands, anything with trumpets.  Handsome tried to learn to play the trumpet for a couple of years, and everyone else thought the sounds he made were horrible, but I would just gaze at him as though he were the reincarnation of Louis Armstrong, Harry James, and Miles Davis all in one.  (If you don’t recognize those names, they’re all really fantastic trumpet players)

Was it good music or bad?  I know I thought it was great!  So when someone tells you rap is bad, or opera is bad, or country funk polkas are bad, just remember about Handsome’s trumpet.  It’s all about you, and what you like.

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