How to deal with a mean teacher.

StillRose asks: What should I do about my mean teacher? She hates me!

Handsome once had a teacher who just hated little boys.  So it wasn’t just him she hated, but still it made his stomach hurt all year!

It’s no fun to be around people who don’t like you, I know.  Some people don’t like dogs.  And some people especially don’t like me, because I’m big and energetic and friendly and playful.  So eventually I learn to just avoid those people.  But that’s not so easy when it’s your teacher!

Basically, you’re stuck with good news and bad news.  The good news is that you’ll only have that teacher for this year.  And although a year sounds like forever when you’re young, you will survive it, I promise (After all, a bath seems like forever to me, but I do get through them!).

The bad news, of course, is that you’re stuck with a person who doesn’t seem to like you, for five days a week.  And because they’re the teacher, you have to do what they say.  Yucch!

So what to do about that?  Well, when I find myself with those people who don’t like dogs, I’ve learned to do what they like, which is to not be so ‘doggy’ with them.  I don’t jump on them, I don’t lick them, I don’t try to play with them. And usually that works.

Hey it’s their loss!

So what is it about you that your teacher seems to hate?  Is it that you’re rambunctious, playful, friendly?  That you’re too smart in class?  Then tone those down when you’re around this person.  Talk less, stay still.  You might find that that’s enough to make it okay for the whole school year.

But if not, if it’s clear that you are Harry Potter and this teacher is Professor Snape, then it’s important that you have other ways to get through the year.  Friends are great, of course, especially ones in that teacher’s class so you can share jokes and complaints about the teacher (but only when you’re not around that teacher!!!).  But it’s also good to talk to your parents or other friends about the situation too.  And if it gets really bad, maybe you need to talk with the school principal, or a counselor or therapist.  But most of the time, just talking with anyone makes it bearable.

And I’ll bet you knew I’d say this:  that of course, the BEST listener to talk to is a dog!  We completely understand, we know what it’s like to not be liked, especially for our best qualities.  And we’ll always remind you that there is life outside that classroom, full of interesting smells and things to check out, and fun free adventure!

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