How should kids deal with bullies?

Jessie asks: How should I deal with bullies?

Oh I don’t like bullies at all!  They scare me too!  But the funny thing is, deep down, the truth is all people are kind of alike – and bullies are usually just scared kids who act on their fears in a counterproductive (that’s a big word for Dumb) way.

Actually, for the best advice I can give on how to deal with bullies, I’m going to send you to a buddy of mine, McGruff.  Check out his website  It’s got suggestions and videos and all sorts of good stuff.

But the most important thing I want you to remember is this:  You Have the Right to Be Here.  You have the right to play at recess, to walk down the street, and to be who you are.  And no matter what any bully does or says, you’ll always have that right.  I say so, and I’m scarier than any bully!  He might have fists, or she might have feet.  But I have teeth!

But hey, what if you’re finding that you’re becoming a bully yourself?  This can happen to even the nicest people, where suddenly you’re picking on, insulting, even beating up on or robbing others.  Who, Me? How could that happen?!

If that’s the case, it usually means there’s something wrong in your life that you need to talk with someone about.  Mom or Dad is often a good start, but sometimes that might not feel right.  Is there a teacher at school you trust?  Or better yet, a school counselor?  Someone at a place of worship you go?  Or maybe you could find a good therapist, which is great because this is exactly what they’re best at dealing with.

Then again, sometimes the fact that you see you’re doing it, and feel bad about it, can be enough to stop you from doing it anymore.  And at a time like that, what you need most is probably a good hug, from someone who totally understands and accepts you.  Do you have a dog?  Or do you know a nice one?  Because at times like that, we are the Best!

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